What We Offer


Unique, high-quality, Canadian-made, custom wood products, born from time-honoured practices, for beautiful additions to adorn and enhance your home for years to come.


We know there are a ton of options out there for wood products and home accents, but most aren’t made of real wood or are cookie-cutter, mass-produced products that don’t fit your unique specifications and aesthetic goals.

The Sky’s the Limit

Each piece we make is completely customized to your individual desires. We use real wood to hand-craft custom interior and exterior wood accents that add architectural interest to any home.










Exterior Beams



covers for structural beams and posts (e.g., steel, LVL and I beams, bulkheads, etc.)

And more!

Unless otherwise requested, all the products created by Vintage Wood Crafters are made from white pine due to the renewability of this unique wood. However, we can accommodate specifications for different species of wood as needed. Other options include Douglas Fir and Hemlock.


Due to the handcraftsmanship of each piece, we can create any desired size, shape, finish, stain and colour you desire. Some available finishes include adze, distressed, hand-hewn, rough cut, smooth and wire brush.


Present any idea you have and let’s figure it out together.

The Process

Ready to craft your custom piece? Here’s how it works:


Get in touch and tell us all about what it is you’re looking to create.


A site visit will be scheduled so we can get a complete picture to gain inspiration and take measurements.


Send over some pictures and measurements, if possible.


A quote for the piece(s) will be provided to you and together we’ll select finishes that match your vision. If you desire further samples, you are invited to visit our shop.


We’ll review everything and provide you with feedback on what we can craft and any other ideas we have to enhance the look and feel of your space.


We get to work to deliver the perfect piece to you.

And that’s it! You are only a few steps away from your elevated aesthetic. Let’s get started, shall we?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why white pine?

White pine and hemlock were extensively used to build the earliest structures. Unless otherwise requested, all the products we craft are made from white pine due to the renewability of this unique wood. White pine can be harvested and re-planted at a much faster rate than other trees, thus it is able to keep up with the demand and is a more renewable resource than other varieties of wood, while also being a strong, solid choice. All of our products are sourced from Canadian timber and are crafted right here in Ontario.

Why hand-hewn?

This is what truly sets us apart from the rest. We believe so strongly in the traditional practice of hand-hewing because it is the only way to provide a truly original piece, made to order to your unique desires and specifications. Creating those one-of-a-kind, real wood products that our clients absolutely love is the reason we do what we do. We love our craft. It allows architecture, aesthetics, luxury, warmth and charm to be a part of any home. Hand-hewing allows us to control the depth of the axe marks and the level of distressing to the finish, so we create exactly what you’re looking for. No run-of-the-mill solutions or trying to make something fit that you don’t totally love.