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Quality craftsmanship, professionalism and passion in everything we do.



Vintage Wood


At Vintage Wood Crafters, we are always striving to deliver excellence in every piece we make, big or small. Creating truly unique, custom, hand-made, real wood products with precision and care is at the heart of our business. We love our craft and believe strongly in the tradition of hand-hewn products to provide each and every client with whatever they desire to create the perfect aesthetic for their home.

Where It All Started


Owner, Mike Bobula, at the 2018 Interior Design Show. 

Member Of

Michael Bobula is the owner and founder of Vintage Wood Crafters. With a background in construction, Mike worked in a variety of trades to understand the process of building and creation to provide a deeper vision of how to make homes come to life through various accents, additions, products and finishes.


When Mike was introduced to the traditional practice of hand-hewing in 2014, he fell in love. Taught by an expert whose knowledge of the craft had been passed down from generation to generation, it changed the direction of his work. In a world where things are done at a rapid-fire pace and for mass-production, Mike found a way to slow it down and provide unique, beautiful products that could be completely customized for each individual. Providing that level of excellence is what motivates him, and he has continued this and instilled it in each and every member of the Vintage Wood Crafters team. 


A Team Effort

As the business continued to grow, with many delighted customers along the way, Vintage Wood Crafters now includes a team of dedicated professionals with the same vision and appreciation for hand-crafted, real wood products.


Sustainable and Responsible Sourcing

Unless otherwise requested, all the products created by Vintage Wood Crafters are made from white pine due to the renewability of this unique wood. White pine can be harvested and re-planted at a much faster rate than other trees, thus it is able to keep up with the demand and is a more renewable resource than other varieties of wood.



We are a proudly Canadian company. All of our products are sourced from Canadian timber and are crafted right here in Ontario.



If you’re over faux wood, run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all solutions and are looking for a truly unique, beautifully crafted, real wood product made with precision and heart to transform the aesthetic of your home, let’s work together to bring your vision to life!

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